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 Chinos for men


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Chinos for Men reviewer - Tom Kenna 

Hello, I'm Tom Kenna, and I'm pleased to review Chinos for men for you!


Chino pants have been around for a while but have really hit the stores on the back of development by humor of the drop crotch craze.

They are simple but effective and look great on a night out or as casual wear through the day. 


What to wear with chinos?  Chinos look at their best with casual footwear and a T shirt or casual shirt. You can buy chinos in a wide range of colours including stone, beige, bronze, black, dark blue,  burgundy, orange, mustard, green, chocolate and turquoise. Prices vary depending on style and designer or high street brand of chinos.



Chinos for men Prices

If you are looking to buy cheap chinos then try Topshop where they are around the £20 - £40 range. For mid range quality chinos you can always try Zara or for Designer chinos check out Vivienne Westwood carrot chinos priced around £215


Chinos for men review ratings

Style rating: 8/10

Value rating: 8/10


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Chinos in beige with denim shirt


David beckham wearing chinos

   David Beckham wearing chinos with a casual style T-Shirt and belt chain.



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