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Fashion tracker review H&M David Beckham Underwear      


 David Beckham H and M range of underwear


A Fashion tracker review of David Beckham H and M underwear

H and M range of underwear reviewd by Tom Kenna

Hello, I'm Tom Kenna, and I am pleased to review for you David Beckham H and M underwear .  


For the last 15 years David Robert Joseph Beckham has been setting the latest trends.  


Whether it be the way he styles his hair, the football boots he plays in or the clothes he wears;  boys and men across the world have followed!


This year H and M have teamed up with David to launch his self designed range of affordable underwear for men.  The range consists of 9 different designs which are available in grey, black and white and are all modeled by David Beckham himself.  The range is a marketing master stroke and the quality of the products does not disappoint.


David Beckam underwear prices 

From £7.99 to £19.99


David Beckam underwear ratings:

Style rating:  9/10 

Value rating: 9/10


David Beckham underwear can be bought from:



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   David Beckam modelling the H and M underwear range

Beckham models the H&M range of underwear


David Beckham H and M Billboard Ad

   Celebrity David Beckham ad - on a billboard for H&M underwear

Picture of David Beckham wearing H and M underwear

 David Beckham designed and models the H&M range of underwear 




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