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 Men's Chinos Shorts


A Fashion tracker review of Men's chino shorts

Mens Chino Shorts reviewer - Tom kenna

Hello, I'm Tom Kenna, and I'm pleased to review Men's Chino shorts for you!


Mens Chino shorts are the summer version of the regular Chino pants.  

What to wear with chino shorts? They look great with pumps, deck shoes and flip flops.  Chino shorts will be seen in beer gardens across the country this summer!


Chino shorts are available in a range of colours including stone, beige, bronze, black, dark blue,  burgundy, orange, mustard, green, chocolate and turquoise. 



Prices of Men's Chino shorts

Price ranges from special offers online and high street brands at about £25 to designer fashion labels Mark McNairy chino shorts at £160 and Benson patterned chino shorts at £128.00 


Chino shorts review ratings

Style rating: 8/10

Value rating: 7/10


  Men's Chinos shorts can be bought at:   www.topman.com



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  A picture of Mens Chino shorts

Designer chino shorts Benson patterned chinos image

   Designer Chino shorts: Bensons patterned chino shorts £128.00 at Asos 




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