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 NBA Vests


A Fashion tracker review of NBA Vests

NBA Vests reviewer - Tom Kenna

Hello, I'm Tom Kenna, and I am pleased to review for you NBA Vests.


NBA vests are being spotted all over the UK along with the NBA new era caps.



They are not just a gym accessory but can be worn with jeans or shorts.  The Basketball vests include Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Charlotte Bobcats, Chicago Bulls vests and many more. NBA vests come in a range of team colours including green, blue yellow and white.  They offer a casual sporty alternative to a standard vest.



The fact that most off the a-list  celebrities including David Beckham have been spotted at the NBA, have only added to the sports popularity.


NBA Vests prices

currently Retail for around £35 in most high street sports shops but can be found on sale.


Fashion Tracker review ratings

NBA Vests Style rating:  7/10 

NBA Vests Value rating: 6/10

Official NBA Basketball vest store in the US 

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