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Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men


A Fashion tracker review of Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for men reviewer Tom Kenna

Hello, I'm Tom Kenna, and I'm pleased to review Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men for you.


Every year the time comes when everyone has the decide what kind of sunglasses they will be sporting. 

Ray-Ban are still head and shoulders above the rest for preferred brand. Aviators have dominated for the last few years, but now it looks like wayfarer are pushing them off the top spot for design. Whichever you opt for the need for fashion eyewear is essential.  



Ray Ban prices:

from £50 to £100


Ray Ban review ratings:

RayBan Aviator Style rating: 8/10

RayBan Wayfarer Style rating: 9/10

Value rating:  8/10


Ray Bans can be bought online at: 





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Ray-Ban Wayfarers for men

Above: Ray-Ban Wayfarers in white

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men Aviators

Above: Aviators mirrored

Paris Hilton wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers in white

   Celebrity Paris Hilton wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers in white


    Justin-Bieber wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers in black

   Celebrity Justin-Bieber wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers in black


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