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 Aqua Couture Dresses


A Fashion tracker review of Aqua Couture Dresses

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Hello, I'm Megan Williams, and I am pleased to review for you Aqua Couture Dresses.


Aqua Couture is a small boutique designer label who provide a great range of men and women's fashion, their unique style pin points their brand quite clearly.



The Aqua designs are very different and range from basic LBD's * to more out going designs such as sequin maxi dresses, skirts in a wide range of colours. 


What to wear with Aqua Couture Dresses?    For women the style is a very dressy style and would mostly be worn to an evening event.  Aqua couture dresses give a classy feel and unlike other brands you have less fear of turning up to an event wearing the same as other guests, because they only have a limited number of each design.



Price of Aqua Couture Dresses

Prices of an Aqua Couture dress can vary quite widely in different shops, ranging from a cool £50 to a designer price tag of £500. Watch out for your favourite item hitting the sales though - Aqua sales can be really amazing!


Aqua Couture Dress ratings:

Style rating: 9/10

Value rating: 8/10


Aqua Couture Dresses can be found online at:



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*LBD's - What is LBD? - for those of you who have been living in a tent somewhere, its the item we cannot live without - The little black dress, of course!  Of which you will find aqua couture dresses offer a wide range.


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Picture of an Aqua Couture dress

Aqua Couture Dress in pink and black



Aqua Couture Dress from the front Aqua Couture Dress from the back

Aqua Couture little black dress:

front view

Aqua Couture little black dress: 

back view



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