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 Chloe Green shoes


A Fashion tracker review of Chloe Green shoes

Chloe Green Shoes reviewer Megan Williams

Hello, I'm Megan Williams, and I am pleased to review for you Chloe Green shoes.


Chloe Green, daughter of billionaire Topshop mogul Philip Green, is no stranger to the fashion scene. After years of admiring designer's collections she has recently launched her own jaw dropping shoe line.


She's not just green by name but green by nature with all the soles of her shoes being a bright mint green which was inspired by Christian Laboutin. There is an exclusive collection of 12 pairs and these range from peep toe stiletto's to classy wedges, all unique and different and decorated with silver/bronze studs, chains and crystals. 


What to wear with Chloe Green shoes?

Personally my favourite pair have to be the suede orange peep toe known as the 'stud back peep toe court'. The bright colour is a great statement piece for any outfit especially those little black dresses.



Chloe Green shoe prices  Prices varying from £115 to £200

Chloe Green shoe review ratings:

Style rating: 8/10

Value rating: 8/10


Chloe Green's collection can be purchased online at 



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