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 Hunter High Tops


A Fashion tracker review of Hunter High Tops

Hunter High Tops reviewer Megan Williams

Hello, I'm Megan Williams, and I am pleased to review for you Hunter High Top shoes.


Hunter is a shoe designer company best known for their designer wellies.


However they have recently released a new range of hunter high tops. These shoes are stylish and practical and are perfect for the rainy days to get yourself from A to B. There water proof material are a promise to keep your feet dry. Online the lowest price is on the hunter website itself, where the prices start from £65. The high tops come in a range of colours from classic black and white to more statement colours such as red or royal blue. You can find the high tops and more of hunters collection on their website below.

What to wear with Hunter High Tops?




Hunter Hight Top prices  Prices varying from £115 to £200

Hunter High Top review ratings:

Style rating: 7/10

Value rating: 6/10


Hunter High Tops can be purchased online at:



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